Emma Tallack

Emma is originally from the United Kingdom. Having lived in Germany for many years, she is now situated in Portland, Maine.

Emma is passionate about the art of metalsmithing – whether it be to design jewelry or to create functional or sculptural pieces – and believes that having the opportunity to create and explore art is a gift that should be available to everyone.
She began creating jewelry in Germany in the early 2000’s. Taking part in an art therapy class sculpturing soapstone, Emma soon recognized that her sculptured pieces were becoming smaller and smaller, leading her to purpose them into wearable items. From here, she ventured into using sterling silver and embarked on the journey of learning traditional metalsmithing techniques.

To understand and develop the fundamental skills involved in working with metal, she has trained herself through courses and workshops, including classes at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. At her studio in Portland, Emma devotes her time to her continual growth as a jewelry designer and metalsmith. She loves to discover new methods and invariably will work these into her own designs.

Emma draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration, including art and texture, man-made structures and nature. She enjoys the challenge of blending organic and manufactured materials into delicate and wearable treasures.