Artist statement:

I believe jewelry to be an ornamental way of extending personal self-expression. My jewelry designs are elegant yet unassuming. They have a delicate appearance but are intended for any occasion and can be worn every day.

Recently I have turned to creating jewelry using sterling silver & 23.5k gold foil, accentuating these pieces by applying liver of sulfur to create an oxidized finish. The double domed structure creates depth but due to the mysterious hollow centers, they are incredibly lightweight. The application of 23.5k gold foil to the pieces adds a random effect and enhances the mystic allure.

Keeping it simple:
My other new designs are clean, modern and simple, with no fuss. I am always drawn to the contemporary designs of modern, man-made & industrial architecture. These pieces definitely stem from here and certainly adopt the “less is more” notion.

Still attracted to the natural beauty of the keshi pearl and other semi-precious gems, I find myself contemplating new designs and ways to maintain their unique appearance yet staying true to my love of creating clean and simple pieces of jewelry.

My collection of sterling silver boxes leads me down a path of exploration into the seduction and secrecy of the unknown. It is hard to resist finding out how a box works and what might be inside. Ultimately the owner of these boxes will decide on its use but I find myself asking the question what it is we collect and keep and why?