Additional accent pieces

Additional accent pieces

from 90.50

Already have a module necklace but you would like different accent pieces?

Choose additional accent pieces*
- see below for more information

* prices refelct multiples of two

Additional accent piece:
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Available additional components

Accent piece:*
1.2 cm double dome (oxidized center)
1.5 cm double dome (oxidized center)
1.2 cm 23.5 k gold foil double dome (oxidized center)
1.5 cm 23.5 k gold foil double dome (oxidized center)
bezel set keshi pearl

3 mm (satin finish)
3 mm (oxidized)
5 mm (satin finish)
5 mm (oxidized)
7 mm (satin finish)
7 mm (oxidized)

Additional components:*
small disc (satin finish)
medium disc (satin finish)
small disc (oxidized)
medium disc (oxidized)
small disc 23.5k gold foil
medium disc 23.5k gold foil
small silver ball
medium silver ball
small rectangle
medium rectangle

* to maintain symmetry, all additional pieces sold in multiples of two

Modular Necklace #1
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Modular Necklace #1

1.2 cm diameter, 23.5k gold foil double-dome
4 medium oxidized component discs
2 medium sterling silver balls
2 small Sterling silver balls
3mm & 7mm spacers

All components are handmade by me using sterling silver and 23.5k gold foil
Choose between a 16" and 18" sterling silver neck wire

Once you have this, you may like to add to and rearrange your module necklace. See below to order more accent pieces, spacers and components.


Neck wire:
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Spacers & Components
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Spacers & Components
from 7.30

Choose additional components & spacers*
* sold in multiples of two

Additional neck wires sold individually


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